Hope for Our World

Engagement 2019 - November 3 – November 30


Our world is a large and complex place. Our planet is now home to 7.7 billion people. According to the Joshua Project, there are 17,094 distinct People Groups in our world today. Over 7000 of them have yet to be reached with the Gospel. Our church is currently engaged through our sent workers in three major Global Engagement Centers: Spain, Slovenia, and Sierra Leone.

Locally, there are almost 400,000 people in Arlington, Texas. We are the 49th largest city in America! There are folks in our community from across the world. We live in one of the most diverse communities in America. Adjacent to our campus is a large and complex research university with a huge international population.

Our neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces are filled with people who need the hope of the Gospel. God has placed us strategically adjacent to significant “Halls of Power” – civil government, academic institutions, and the entertainment industry. This is a huge and dynamic mission field.

Our responsibility for Gospel proclamation begins right here in our own front and backyards! It reaches across our city, state, and nation to the far reaches of our world. The good news is --- we have a message of Hope for Our World!

November 3, 2019
Our Engagement Radar!
Sermon Text:      Acts 1:1-11

Remember our Purpose: Becoming fruitful believers, influencing our world for Christ. We have already learned that God is calling us to Engagement as individuals and as a church. So, who is on our “Engagement Radar?” Jesus commands us to be holistic, comprehensive, and intentional in our engagement efforts.

Daily Bible Readings

                                   November 4:        Acts 1:1-11
                                    November 5:        Acts 1:12-26
                                    November 6:        Acts 2:1-21
                                    November 7:        Acts 2:22-36
                                    November 8:        Acts 2:37-47


November 10, 2019

A Gospel of Hope

Sermon Text:      Colossians 1:1-8

The Gospel is a message of hope for our world. It is really good news! It translates to every culture. It transitions across all barriers. The Gospel is good seed that bears fruit when it is sown. We are taking the Gospel message to a world that needs the hope this message embodies.

Daily Bible Readings

                                   November 11:      Colossians 1:1-23
                                    November 12:      Colossians 1:24-2:15
                                    November 13:      Colossians 2:16-23
                                    November 14:      Colossians 3:1-4:1
                                    November 15:      Colossians 4:2-18

November 17, 2019

Partnership in the Gospel

Sermon Text:      Philippians 1:3-6

The world is a very big place. It is incredibly complex. We cannot accomplish the task of the Missio Dei on our own. We need partners. We need to live in collaborative relationships that serve the interests of the Kingdom of God. This also allows us to be better stewards of the resources God has provided for His work to expand across the world.

Daily Bible Readings

                                   November 18:      Philippians 1:1-26
                                    November 19:      Acts 1:12-26
                                    November 20:      Acts 2:1-21
                                    November 21:      Acts 2:22-36
                                    November 22:      Acts 2:37-47

November 24, 2019

Thank You!

Sermon Text:      Luke 17:11-19

At the heart of all humble believers is an attitude of gratitude. Our service to God should grow out of a grateful heart. We are taking a Gospel to our world that has had its impact on us in tangible ways. One of the transformative effects of the Gospel is an acknowledgement of God’s blessings in our own lives.

Daily Bible Readings

                                   November 25:      Psalm 100
                                    November 26:      Psalm 103
                                    November 27:      Psalm 107
                                    November 28:      Psalm 118
                                    November 29:      Psalm 136​