December 1 - January 3

The Hope of the Ages


 We are bringing our year to a conclusion. We have given this entire year to a study of HOPE. We will finish the year with a focus on the Person of Jesus --- The Hope of the Ages!

We will explore the encounters of Jesus with various folks as recorded by Luke’s account of the life of Jesus. Jesus offered many people hope in His day and He continues to do so in our day!



December 1, 2019
Filled with Awe
Luke 5:17-26

Everywhere Jesus went, He made an impact. He was like no other teacher the people had ever heard. He taught with such authority. He spoke with such clarity. And—he could even forgive sins! His power over disease and darkness caused the people to continually be filled with awe. May our Advent journey be filled with awe as well!

Daily Bible Readings
December 2:        Luke 4:1-13
December 3:        Luke 4:14-30
December 4:        Luke 4:31-44
December 5:        Luke 5:1-16
December 6:        Luke 5:17-26

December 8, 2019
Lost on Purpose
Luke 19:1-10

Zacchaeus was a successful man who was living a life of purpose. He was accomplished and wealthy. However, in the midst of living his own purpose—He was lost and needed the hope of Jesus!   

Daily Bible Readings
December 9:        Luke 15:1-10
December 10:      Luke 15:11-32
December 11:       Luke 18:1-17
December 12:      Luke 18:18-43
December 13:      Luke 19:1-10

December 15, 2019

The Thrill of Hope
Luke 8:40-56

The loss of hope is a tragic reality for many people in our world. It has always been true. When people lose hope, a sense of desperation sets in. In this section of Luke’s Gospel, Jesus encounters two people who were desperate—a synagogue leader and an older woman. Jesus restored hope to both of them. They were thrilled!

Daily Bible Readings
December 16:      Luke 7:1-17
December 17:      Luke 7:36-50
December 18:      Luke 8:1-18
December 19:      Luke 8:19-39
December 20:     Luke 8:40-56

December 22, 2019

The Hope of the Ages
Luke 2:1-20

Luke 2 is the record of the birth of the Messiah, the Son of Man, the Son of God. It is a humble account of the most miraculous birth in all of history! However, the angelic announcement on the hillside to the shepherds left no doubt as to the magnitude of this event. Jesus is The Hope of the Ages!
Daily Bible Readings
December 23:      Luke 1:1-25
December 24:      Luke 1:26-45
December 25:      Luke 2:1-21
December 26:      Luke 2:22-40
December 27:      Luke 2:41-52

December 29, 2019

Hearts on Fire!

Luke 24:13-35

One of the most amazing Post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus is found in Luke 24:13ff ---- Jesus appeared to two of His followers on the road to Emmaus. After listening to Jesus explain the importance of His ministry, these disciples were overwhelmed, and their hearts “burned” within them. Wow. May it be so for us. He is the Hope of the Ages and He can set our hearts on fire!  

Daily Bible Readings
December 30:      Luke 23:26-43
December 31:      Luke 23:44-56
January 1:            Luke 24:1-12
January 2:           Luke 24:13-35
January 3:           Luke 24:36-53​